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Vocational orientation in the district of Görlitz

New job

Career prospects in the priceless country

The Görlitz district needs young people who want to build a professional future at home and skilled workers who will contribute their experience to the region's economic growth. The district's companies are looking for a lot of doers, specialists and idea generators for a successful future.

This offers a wide range of opportunities for professional development for the people who live here, but also for those who want to find a new home in the unaffordable country. Whether doctors, scientists or teachers, specialists in metal processing, in the service sector or in nursing, craftsmen, administrative assistants or IT specialists - the range of job offers and career opportunities is wide.  


District Administrator Dr. Stephen Meyer

“The Görlitz district has experienced significant change, which was driven primarily by the local people with energy, courage and a lot of commitment. Actors from business, politics and society have actively shaped our home and developed it into an attractive place for living, working, studying and leisure. Good skilled workers are needed across all sectors for the further development of our homeland. No matter whether in trade, industry, healthcare, administration, tourism or agriculture. Committed companies offer you exciting jobs in which you can use your strengths.”

Health Professions

Do you work as a doctor, dentist or nurse? Would you like to fulfill your career and at the same time enjoy a high level of quality of life? Would you like to balance work and family, escape the hustle and bustle of the big city and enjoy the priceless advantages of country life? Then Unzahlbarland is the perfect place to work and live for you.  

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teachers in rural areas

Being a teacher in a rural area offers a unique and enriching experience with invaluable advantages over working in a big city school. In rural areas, people often know each other, which creates a family atmosphere. This close connection not only makes it easier to work with parents, but also creates a supportive environment for students.  

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Are you familiar with heavy production machines? Are you a professional in the field of metal processing or textile production? As an IT expert, do you work on digital future concepts? Here in Unzahlbarland you will find modern companies that produce innovative products for the national and international market. In these companies you can realize yourself with your skills and knowledge. In addition to an exciting new job, there is also a pricelessly beautiful new home.  

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Are you a craftsman looking for new challenges and a place where you can not only work but also live? The Görlitz district in the heart of Europe is happy to have creative and committed colleagues. Come to Priceless Land and become part of an up-and-coming craft community! Here you will not only find a job, but also a home where your skills are valued.

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hotel and gastronomy

Are you a chef, restaurant or hotel worker looking for a new home where you can contribute your professional experience and at the same time benefit from the quality of life in the unaffordable country? You are warmly welcome in the gastronomy and hotel industry in the Görlitz district. You can help people in our homeland and guests from other regions get to know enjoyment, hospitality and social community in a unique way.

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Information technology

The IT companies in Görlitz and the Görlitz district are on a growth path. In the Neissestadt alone, the IT industry has over 1,000 employees. From software testing and support to research and development, all IT areas are represented in Unzahlbarland. Companies that help determine the IT standards of the future from the heart of Europe are constantly looking for new experts. This is your chance to take the next steps in your career in one of the most beautiful places to live and work in Germany. IT'S your turn!

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Good job

You want to change professional? Are you new to Unaffordable Land and looking for an exciting job close to home? Then it's best to try it online at On this lovingly maintained platform you will find current offers from regional companies. If your search here is not successful, you can also find many offers from the companies themselves.

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Virtual job search

The “JobKompass - Görlitz District” is an online topic presentation consisting of over 40 panoramas with a 360° panoramic view, which combines the locations of potential employers, current job offers and a virtual insight into the living environment in all directions in eight professional fields. 


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