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Vocational orientation in the district of Görlitz

What matters is not what you do, but how you do it. Every work ennobles its bearer.

It would be a sad sign of the times if higher wages were the sole reason for driving people to perform better. The greatest scientific and cultural achievements in human history have never been given to the world out of a thirst for money.

"With heart and hand in priceless land" is the focus of our daily work. Inspired by statements from motivated entrepreneurs and workers, we show that it is not the material value, but the ideal value of work that drives our performance.  

Neisse Tours

"I never went away. I'm proud of that. I wanted to make it here. Now I can make people who come to us from far away happy in my home country. Being able to be where you belong is priceless.”

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Wagner Nature Park Butchery

"Our company, founded in 2007, is dedicated to the traditional butcher's trade. Upper Lusatia is our home. My passion is in this region and these people. We want to work here, create values ​​and convey values.”

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Nursery Fritsche

“The people and the togetherness in our region touch us. Living here, having roots and being able to run our nursery in the seventh generation is priceless.”

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Children's fashion manufacturer Maria Puphal

"After 15 years in the big city, I returned to my homeland to open a shop selling homemade children's clothing. People gratefully accept my shop and my products. That is priceless for me.”

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Illuminated sign manufacturer master Holger Schulze

“We have occupied a niche with the production of embossed tin lettering and faceted lettering for historical buildings. Our performance is also successfully in demand nationwide.”

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Frank Schmidt, glassmaker

"I develop, produce and market my own products to make people happy with the art of glass. Liquid glass is blown by mouth and shaped by hand according to ancient tradition."

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Jens Burkert, master wood carver

 "I am the sole contact for the individual restoration of old furniture and historic staircases in the charming old town of Görlitz. It is my duty to continue the business founded by my grandfather."

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Marcel Graf, all-round craftsman and inventor

"With my invention, I have created an extraordinary module that should conquer the campsites from Rothenburg."

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Martin Schröter, master carpenter

"I associate wood with emotions, each of my pieces of furniture tells a story."

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Kristin Zeisberg, designer

“As a newcomer, I got to know many networks here with which I was able to develop and implement new ideas. These collaborations are priceless for me.”

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Thorsten Scholz, master brewer and operations manager

“For us as a brewery, it is important to give something back to the region. Being able to shape our future together with people, companies and restaurants is priceless for us.”

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Kalle Steege, Coffeebike operator

"I can't make good coffee without passion."

Rene Kruner, artist

"Being back in my old homeland, getting to know my old friends again, being happy here with my children and my parents - that's priceless for me."


Stephan Dreher, foreman print media

"The proximity to Poland and the Czech Republic makes it possible for us to open up new sales markets and establish business relationships."

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dr David Blauth, Managing Director ATD Models GmbH

"For me, the opportunity to work and provide an engineering service to the world where I grew up is priceless."

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Dennis Wittig, master baker

"After every working day I feel like I've moved the world. I just want to be a good baker. Here you can still become someone - that's priceless."

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Kerstin Thun, Managing Director

"After a few years abroad, we have come to appreciate the many soft location factors here. What is priceless for me is that a lot of things are still affordable here."

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Andreas Graf, carpenter and building biologist

“I love Upper Lusatia with its people and its culture. We want to establish regional and healthy building in the region. Our homeland provides us with raw materials such as wood and stones as well as a unique down-to-earthness."

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