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Because we want to live here.

Our district of Görlitz is located in the heart of Europe, in the middle of the unique Upper Lusatia, in the border triangle of Poland and the Czech Republic. And because it is not only pricelessly beautiful here, but also because there are many priceless advantages compared to living and working in the big city, we also call ourselves the priceless country. That might sound a bit cheeky. But we are really proud of our homeland and of the people who live here. But why actually?

Find out on this website how we derive this self-confidence. Read why the district of Görlitz offers current and future specialists, academics, researchers, visionaries and doers the best conditions for a future with career opportunities and a high quality of life. Discover the priceless advantages of our region and get to know committed people. If the priceless country is not your home at the moment, let the good stories inspire you to move to us. We welcome all who wish to come to Priceless Land. No matter whether you have lived here before or your love for this beautiful piece of Germany is very young.  


The direct line to priceless land

On this website you will find extensive information about living, living, working, studying, learning and relaxing in the priceless country. We can only mention many topics here as examples to arouse your interest or curiosity. The more you browse through these pages, the more questions you may have. We do not want to leave you alone with these questions and encourage you to contact us directly. Maybe you are thinking about finding a new home in priceless land? Do you need support when arriving in your new home country? Do you have any questions about the district of Görlitz? Are you looking for specific contacts in the cities and communities? Or do you also want to present yourself with your company or association as part of this campaign?