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The business location district of Görlitz in the heart of Europe

Whether in the heath and pond landscape in the north or in the Zittau Mountains in the south, whether in the historic towns or in the lovingly designed villages, whether with an Upper Lusatia character, Sorbian traditions or with Silesian roots - the district of Görlitz offers a beautiful, solid home for all. This is also a result of the remarkable economic development of the past decades. The district of Görlitz is significantly shaped by small and medium-sized companies whose heads are closely connected to the region. They have also allowed the district to become a growing business location. Our companies assert themselves with their products on the global markets. Specialists find challenging tasks in future-oriented companies in the district of Görlitz. There are exciting career prospects for young people in their home country. Our region is also becoming a popular research location.  

In addition to our Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences, well-known institutes also appreciate the potential of our district. With the business brochure "In the heart of Europe" we present the economic performance of our homeland. Whether as an entrepreneur or as a specialist, as an apprentice or student - the district of Görlitz offers you exciting perspectives. In this brochure you will find a lot of data and facts about the business location Görlitz and the visions that we associate with the structural change in Lusatia. You will find out in which sectors the need for trainees and skilled workers is particularly great, which measures and initiatives are available to secure skilled workers and which contacts for economic development in the district are available. And of course you will also find entrepreneurial success stories and field reports from young professionals here.  


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