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Vocational orientation in the district of Görlitz

Creating value with your hands

Crafts in the Unaffordable Land

Are you a craftsman looking for new challenges and a place where you can not only work but also live?
The Görlitz district in the heart of Europe opens its doors to creative minds like you! We are looking for passionate craftsmen who want to develop their skills and talent in a picturesque, natural environment. No matter whether you are a carpenter, electrician, plumber or an expert in another trade - there are numerous opportunities for you to realize yourself and get involved in exciting fields of activity. High quality of life, low costs of living and social cohesion in our cities and communities offer optimal conditions for working and living in the unaffordable country. On this page you will find an initial overview of the trades that we need most. This list was developed together with the Görlitz district crafts association and the DDV-Verlag / Tag24 .de. For specific questions, please use the contact form.


Job offers in the skilled trades

Wood processing

From high-quality furniture to the construction of massive homes, wood  is a versatile material that can be found in almost every area of ​​our lives. So it's no wonder that active support is sought here in UnzahlbarLand.

Carpenters (m/f/d) process  wood and wood-based materials into various interior design elements as well as maintenance and restoration work.

Job offers for carpenters

Carpenters (m/f/d) are responsible for the production of wooden structures, such as windows, doors or stairs, as well as for the processing and treatment of wooden surfaces. They are used in residential construction and in the renovation of old buildings.

Job offers for carpenters


You can also find the right job for you in the “Food” sector. The Unzahlbarland is currently butchers (m/f/d) and bakers (m/f/d), among others . 

Butchers cut up animals for slaughter and produce various meat, sausage and delicatessen products

Job offers for butchers

Bakers make dough from various raw materials and produce bread, rolls, pastries and other baked goods.

Job offers for bakers:

Around the vehicle

Your technical understanding is one of your strengths and you enjoy building vehicles? Then apply for one of these positions in Unzahlbarland!

Automotive mechatronics technicians (m/f/d) are responsible for the  maintenance, testing and adjustment of vehicles. You find and fix errors and malfunctions. They check and guarantee the traffic safety and operational safety of the vehicles.

Job offers for mechatronics engineers

Body and vehicle construction mechanics (m/f/d) work on the maintenance of bodies, vehicle frames and chassis. You can upgrade and convert accessories and additional equipment. They also take on the task of setting up modern vehicle and communication systems.

Job offers for body and vehicle construction mechanics

body and health

Feeling good is important! This is ensured, among other things, by the specialists in the area of ​​“body and health”, who are also very welcome in the unaffordable country.  

Hairdressers (m/f/d) clean and care for the hair and scalp, take care of haircuts and hair coloring and the special styling of the hair.

Job offers for hairdressers

Beauticians (m/f/d) are responsible for identifying, cleaning and caring for the skin. They take care of the manicure and pedicure and the professional make-up.

Job offers for beauticians

Construction and expansion

Put stone by stone and start your career in the Görlitz district in the “Construction and Expansion” sector.

Roofers (m/f/d) take on the installation of roof windows, gutters, lightning protection and solar systems. Your tasks also include the processing of slate, roof panels, roof tiles and roof tiles

Jobs for roofers

Painters and varnishers (m/f/d): work on the production of lettering as well as on the coating, treatment and design of surfaces with paints and varnishes.

Jobs for painters and varnishers

Bricklayers and concrete builders (m/f/d): produce components made of concrete, reinforced concrete and stone as well as construction with insulating materials for heat, cold, sound and fire protection.

Jobs for bricklayers and concrete workers

metal and electrical

Specialists in the “metal and electrical” sector provide electricity, heat and climate-friendly energy. If you want to get started in Unaffordable Land, you can do it with the following jobs, among others.

Metal workers (m/f/d) ensure the  production of gates, grilles, railings, windows, stairs and doors using materials such as steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

Jobs for metal workers

Plumbers and heating engineers (m/f/d) take over the installation of heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems as well as the maintenance of state-of-the-art systems.

Jobs for plumbers and heating engineers

Electronics technicians/electricians (m/f/d) are responsible for the planning and installation of electronic systems as well as the installation and testing of software, devices and networks.

Jobs for electronics technicians/electricians

Your inquiries about a job in the craft sector

Are you a skilled worker interested in a new perspective in one of these jobs? Then contact the employers directly via the employment agency or Jobs-Oberlausitz portals. Haven't you found the right offer yet? Do you need support or do you have questions about professional opportunities in the Görlitz district? Then use the following form for your inquiry.  

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