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Vocational orientation in the district of Görlitz

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This is how we tick priceless countries

How do we tick people in the priceless country? To be honest, there is no blanket answer to that. Due to different historical and traditional influences, there are certain mental and linguistic differences in the north-south course of the district. While the Randbrandenburgers in the north are almost Berliners, the people in the south maintain their Oberlausitz dialect. We are all united by the "nu", which usually raises new questions for strangers. Sorbian traditions in the north, Silesian influences in the middle and Upper Lusatia customs and customs throughout the district have shaped the people.  

At first we may seem a little distant towards strangers. But anyone who meets us openly and honestly will also be able to conquer our hearts. We say what we think and instead of rambling on endlessly, we like to get on with it. There are many courageous and visionary doers who are committed to the future of our homeland. From experience we have learned to take our destiny into our own hands. We do not shy away from challenges. The strong cohesion in the community, in the club, in the company and in the family gives us the confidence that we can do anything.  


Because we want to live here

We invite you to take some time for home. Find out why we can be proud of our priceless country. Read why the district of Görlitz offers current and future specialists, academics, researchers, visionaries and doers the best conditions for a future with career opportunities and a high quality of life. Get to know people who are particularly committed to our homeland with their ideas and visions. And if the priceless country is not your home at the moment, let the good stories inspire you to move to us.


Time(ing) for children

Reading the newspaper is family time

Time for children is usually scarce. In the stress of everyday life, families often have little freedom to read, do puzzles, do handicrafts and learn together. With the time(ing) for children, we want to change that at least twice a year. In it, parents receive many suggestions for playfully dealing with a wide variety of topics in their children's everyday lives. Invitingly colourful, with cheerful graphics, child-friendly texts and instructive stories, Zeit(ung) für Kinder makes families in the Görlitz district want to discover things together.

The first issue was published for Children's Day 2010. The ENO as publisher is supported by an editorial team of external partners. Our graphic designer takes care of the graphic design. The edition is 10,000 copies each.


Adventures in Priceless Land

A voyage of discovery full of swarms

As part of the “Priceless Country” image campaign, children and their families should be encouraged to get to know the special features and beauty of our homeland in a playful way. The creators of the campaign thought that a children's book would be ideal. Together with their parents and siblings or in the kindergarten group, the youngest can then discover their immediate surroundings. Ariane Archner loved the idea "I'm a fan of hidden object books because I can leaf through them with my daughters for hours." But work came before fun. And a series of questions immediately arose: Who should paint the book? How is it possible to present the huge district on just a few pages? How can information and fun be combined in one book?



The Stuttgart blogger Tobias Rieger visits the priceless country. He visits a wide variety of companies to learn about their concepts, products, career prospects and the need for skilled workers. He is curious about what visions and plans there are already to compensate for the end of the Lusatian lignite mining and its conversion to electricity. On his tour through the district of Görlitz, he gets into conversation with people. He wants to find out what they love about their homeland and why it is nice to live, work, learn or study here.

Various leisure facilities are also part of his itinerary. He really wants to see the inside of a tree house, let the Neisse flow carry him through picturesque landscapes and enjoy the view from the highest point in the district. On his journey, Tobias explores the question of what the priceless advantages of the priceless country are compared to life in the big city. This blog provides the answer. He will report here daily about his experiences and discoveries.


Our song

The singing, ringing priceless land

Where people sing, sit down, bad people have no songs. Following this old wisdom, our priceless country also likes to present itself with joy in singing and music. Whether rocking or pop, electronic or traditional, danceable or swaying - the melodies and lyrics that inspire musicians are as varied as the Unpayableland itself. Artists from the district of Görlitz have poured the unique charm of our homeland into notes and packed their very individual point of view into verse.

Anyone who doesn't feel like settling down here or visiting our region at least once must be really unmusical - or hard of hearing.
Important disclaimer: The musicians have insidiously hidden catchy tunes between the lines. So there is a risk that the melodies will stick in your head for a long time. We assume no liability for this.

Richard Schoenfelder and David Berger

David and Richard have been working together musically in bands and projects since 2012. The priceless country song is the second major joint project since Richard Schönfelder's return to Görlitz. "I became aware of the project when I read an article in the district journal," reports Richard. The term "Priceless Country" had long been known to him through the annual calendar. David Berger was immediately hooked on the idea of ​​contributing a song. So the two met up with their drummer, David Grabinski, and rehearsed for a few weeks. They then recorded the final version over a weekend.

dr button

dr Taste has traveled all over the world as a musician - but he likes to live in priceless land: "Because it's my home!". He started with music at the age of 12 - and has now been at it for 40 years. He prefers to sit at the piano and generally "everything that has keys", but also likes to play the guitar and uses various instruments at events, which he has to play alone in his studio anyway. "Even the ones I can't play yet" - he just teaches them. dr Taste would be happy to play his version of the priceless country song at a square concert or at the old town festival in Görlitz.

Youth Show Orchestra Görlitz

The JugendShowOrchester Görlitz has existed since 1994. The orchestra consists of musicians between the ages of 16 and 30. Many of them have been there for many years. "Our priceless country song is an absolute team effort," reports Andreas Wendler, music teacher and orchestra leader. “There were many suggestions for melodies, rhythms and lyrics. At the end, Pascal Bäsler presented his idea, which we all liked.” The arrangement includes five instrumental parts and three vocal parts. It was recorded by everyone on a backtrack. For the young musicians, the song is now also an enrichment of their repertoire: "We have the title in the 21er tour program and are now playing it live."

Nicole Oertel

through dr Button heard Nicole from the priceless country song. He told her he was looking for a female voice. This made the collaboration very easy. She already knew the term "priceless country" from Facebook, where she is also a member of the UBL group. So she could identify with the idea right away. "We adapted Bernd Balschuweit's original text a bit," she explains, "then working with Dr. Taste almost went by itself," reports Nicole Oertel with a smile. As a freelance singer, she appreciates his musicality and professionalism. She would be very happy to smash the UBL song off the stage.

Elvira Slawinski and Bernd Balschuweit

Gablenzer Bernd Balschuweit "lives and feels" his homeland with all his senses and with his heart. He loves and appreciates the priceless country. Balschuweit, who runs a guesthouse in Quolsdorf, often speaks to his guests. "When travelers see the great things about our homeland , it makes me feel happy," he smiles. 

As a singer, he was able to gain a good friend in Elvira Slawinski. "Singing is my life," enthuses the 71-year-old with bright eyes. "I sang as a young woman and I won't stop doing that either." At over 60, she became known nationwide as a participant in "The Voice Of Germany - Senior". Today she likes to sing at events and festivals, but also on a small scale in a nursing home or a hospice. "I've already sung Bernd's priceless land song there. It went down very well with people.

In order for the song by Elvira Slawinski and Bernd Balschuweit to get the best possible sound, they went to the Rabryka eV sound laboratory. Here the recording and post-production was done by Dr. Horst Werner and Ricarda Dämmrich realized.

Jason Maurice Jurke

When Jason Maurice Jurke heard from his father Dr. Taste that he was working on a priceless land song, he spontaneously felt like creating a version as well. The 16-year-old has been following in his father's footsteps for a long time and has been making music himself for three years. He most often remixes vocals with his own sounds or composes his own songs in his studio. He used his father's vocals for his version of the song. "I would have liked to have put more time into the song and done things differently. But my father said it has to be turned in in three days," explained Jason Maurice.

The legend of priceless beauty

Pupils from Rietschen have produced a song for the priceless country. A short film was created in cooperation with the Kino-Café Rietschen eV and the Freie Oberschule Rietschen eV, which the young, creative people from Rietschen realized independently. The children had a lot of fun writing, making music, filming, singing and acting out the scenes. This can also be felt in the film. Max Petrick, Sarah Walter, Charlot Cwikla, Lilly Schulze, Sophie Petrick, Julin Reusch, Thomas Kramer, Katja Belaschk (Project Manager), Steffi Tusche (Project Manager) were involved.


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The image campaign "Priceless Country" tells many good stories about life in the district of Görlitz. With a wink and a pinch of self-mockery, the priceless advantages of living, working, studying and learning compared to the big city are shown. Become part of this campaign and carry the message to the world. In this shop you will find the right products for it.


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