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Vocational orientation in the district of Görlitz

Quality of life for connoisseurs

Hospitality industry in the unaffordable country

Gastronomy plays a crucial role in the quality of life of people in the unaffordable country. It is not only a place to enjoy delicious dishes, but also a social meeting place that enables encounters and promotes community. Our restaurateurs are passionate about offering your guests an unforgettable culinary experience. In many restaurants it is a given that regional products are served on the guest's plate. They form the basis for delicious dishes and contribute to sustainability in the catering industry.

In the midst of the picturesque landscapes of the Priceless Land, hotels, guesthouses and holiday apartments play a crucial role in ensuring the unforgettable experience of our visitors. Our hospitality industry offers more than just a place to sleep. It is a source of inspiration, a gateway to our region's treasures and a keeper of regional traditions. Anyone who feels comfortable with us as a visitor may come back as a specialist and stay forever! The portraits on this page are examples of the many makers and employees in the hospitality industry in the Görlitz district and Upper Lusatia.  

Lindner's Grenzschänke

Regional ingredients are a key component in fresh cuisine. Guests can see this for themselves while preparing the food, thanks to the panoramic view of the kitchen area. The menu features modern cuisine combined with a traditional touch. A family community can develop in the guest rooms, where guests simply feel at home. Culinary enjoyment with warmth, that is the quality promise of Lindners Grenzschänke.

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Basin mining hut

At the age of 21, André Meyer became a tenant of the Beckenbergbaude in Eibau. Seasonal cooking is a high priority for the team at Beckenberg, which even earned an entry in the Slow Food enjoyment guide. Since 2009, the cuisine has had the motto “regional – seasonal – different”. This is implemented through a variety of collaborations with local producers. The Beckenbergbaude was certified organic in 2013 and can therefore call itself Saxony's first organic mountain inn.

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Hotel Stadt Löbau

“Modern meets tradition” is the motto of the Hotel Stadt Löbau on Weißenberger Straße in Löbau. The house is one of the most traditional addresses in the city. The history of the house goes back to 1796. It was once called “Feldschlösschen”, then “ Reichshof". It only received its current name during the GDR era. In over 200 years, the restaurant and hotel has seen well over 20 owners and operators. Some only stayed for months, some for decades. The house is now starting with its new owner Sascha Ehlert into a modern future.

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Kleene Schänke Cunewalde

Regional value creation, local economic cycles and seasonal products are becoming increasingly important.
For Carola Arnold from the Kleenen Schänke in Cunewalde, regional products and their producers are the basic ingredients for her diverse projects. With this story we take a look outside the box at the Bautzen district. The Unzahlbarland is part of the unique Upper Lusatia, which also stands for hospitality and delicious regional cuisine across district borders.

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Trixi holiday park

Food brings people together – our grandma already knew this, as she brought all the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to one table to spend time together. People talked about their experiences or made plans. In the 'Guten Stube' at the Trixi holiday park, this table culture is brought to life in a special way. Upper Lusatian cuisine with regional and seasonal products makes eating with the family a wonderful experience.  

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Discover without limits

The district is always worth a trip because of its unique natural features, its historical buildings and cultural monuments, the wide variety of tourist offers that can only be found here and because of its people. Over 1,100 km of developed cycle paths, 1,600 km of hiking trails and around 40 km of ski hiking trails are available. The Görlitz district invites you to an active holiday. Anyone who wants to cycle, skate, hike, climb, ride, paddle, swim, swim or ski will find suitable offers here. But architecture and culture lovers will also be thrilled. Demanding cultural holidaymakers (also with an interest in nature), relaxed cycling and hiking holidaymakers (also with an interest in culture) as well as experience-oriented family holidaymakers will find numerous attractive tourist offers in the Görlitz district.