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Vocational orientation in the district of Görlitz

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Industrial jobs in the unaffordable country

The Görlitz district is home to a large number of modern companies.
In the manufacturing sector, the core competencies of our economy lie in the areas of metal processing, mechanical engineering, textile production, plastic production and glass production. Precisely manufactured products are created here that enjoy the highest reputation not only nationally but also internationally. IT companies are also increasingly gaining influence in the industry mix. The companies in the Görlitz district are committed to both their economic success and the development of the region. New specialists not only find a job here, but also a professional home where they can develop their skills and advance their careers. Get ready to become part of this success story. Find your professional prospects in eastern Germany and in the heart of Europe.


Metal processing

Cutting mechanics (m/f/d): Cutting mechanics specialize in processing workpieces using cutting processes such as turning, milling and grinding. You create precision components based on technical drawings.

Job offers for cutting machine mechanics

Welder (m/f/d): Welders join metal parts through welding processes to produce structures and products . You can master various welding techniques such as MIG/MAG, TIG or electric welding.

Job offers for welders

CNC specialist (m/f/d): CNC specialists program and operate computer-controlled machines that are used for precise metal processing. You create CNC programs and monitor the manufacturing process.

Job offers for CNC specialists

Construction mechanics (m/f/d): Construction mechanics produce metal structures and components by preparing, welding, bending and assembling metal blanks. They work from technical drawings to produce precise metal structures for various applications such as buildings, bridges and machinery.

Job offers for construction mechanics

Production technology

Industrial mechanic (m/f/d)

The industrial mechanic is a skilled worker in production technology who specializes in the assembly, maintenance and repair of machines. His tasks include the precise assembly of mechanical components, maintenance work to ensure operation and the elimination of malfunctions.

Job offers for industrial mechanics

Mechatronics engineer (m/f/d)

The mechatronics engineer is a subject matter expert who combines mechanical and electronic systems. He installs, maintains and repairs complex machines and systems. With skills in mechanics, electronics and IT, the mechatronics engineer helps ensure the smooth functioning of automated systems.  

Job offers for mechatronics engineers

Professions in the textile industry

  • Technical assembly engineer (m/f/d)
  • Seamstress / Production Employee Textile (m/f/d)
  • Machine and plant operator textile technology (m/f/d)

Technical assemblers, machine and plant operators and sewers play a central role in the textile industry. The garment makers implement designs, machine and plant operators ensure smooth production, and seamstresses produce high-quality textile products by precisely cutting and sewing fabrics. Together they ensure the efficient and quality-conscious production of clothing and textiles.  

Job offers in the textile industry

Laboratory and chemical professions

Chemical technician (m/f/d): Chemical technicians monitor and control production systems in chemical companies. They mix and process chemical substances, control the production process and ensure compliance with safety standards.

Job offers for chemical technicians

Chemical laboratory assistant (m/f/d): Chemical laboratory assistants support chemists in carrying out experiments and analyses. You prepare samples, operate laboratory machines and document the results.

Job offers for chemical laboratory technicians

Business succession

Do you want to take responsibility for a company and set the course for the future as the new owner? The Chamber of Commerce and Industry supports you in this.

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