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Vocational orientation in the district of Görlitz

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Selfless commitment to a lovely homeland

In addition to the historic towns, picturesque villages, charming landscapes and diverse leisure activities, it is above all the people themselves who make our home a livable and lovable spot on earth. Through their ideas and their actions, our district of Görlitz is filled with life. Voluntary commitment - as a private person or in a club - can bring people together, make the living environment more beautiful, preserve traditions, protect the environment, offer the youngest exciting leisure activities and work for an eventful life in old age. All this happens with passion, a high level of personal commitment and a lot of joy.  

There are a large number of clubs with a wide range of social commitment in the priceless country. The spectrum ranges from the fishing club to the circle of writing artists. 41,000 members are organized in 350 clubs under the umbrella of the Oberlausitzer Kreissportbund eV. In addition, there are numerous private actors and local initiatives that are committed to the immediate living environment and fellow human beings. In the district of Görlitz, volunteers can apply for support from the volunteer budget of the Free State of Saxony for their projects.

Look for volunteer work – find volunteer work

Anyone who would like to volunteer in the district of Görlitz can find  current offers in very different areas From nature conservation to social affairs, crafts, science, sport, culture or democracy - volunteering in the district of Görlitz is diverse. Non-profit organisations, associations and initiatives can publish advertisements here free of charge if they need voluntary support.

Assignment sites and volunteers can connect directly via contact forms. Contact
Henriette Stapf // Coordinator District of Görlitz
Mobile: 0151 - 5488 1936


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Special Volunteer Award 2023

On December 14, 2023, 18 clubs in the Unpayable Land were awarded the special volunteer award 2023. District Administrator Dr. Stephan Meyer honored the extraordinary commitment to social, sporting and cultural life in our homeland. “Through their ideas and their actions, our home, the Görlitz district, is filled with life. They make it lovable and worth living in.” The award-winning clubs set an example for the many committed clubs in our homeland. Twelve clubs received their prize at a ceremony in District Administrator Dr. Stephan Meyer accepted. Six other clubs received the special volunteer award by post.  


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