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Vocational orientation in the district of Görlitz

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"A picture says more than 1000 words." According to this saying, we tried to describe the priceless land in pictures. Numerous photo motifs and many videos with moving images were created. It is usually the people in our district who are the focus of these films.  

In this media library you will find portraits of companies and entrepreneurs, musical descriptions of the priceless country, insights into agriculture, forestry and fishing, numerous very personal perspectives on your own homeland and much more. Endless hours of video material provide a vivid impression. However, they cannot replace personal experience.

Companies in the priceless land

ATN Hölzel GmbH
Roland Jäkel, Lift Manager GmbH
SKAN Germany GmbH
Digades GmbH
Moravian Stars Ltd
Siegfried Schur Baubetrieb GmbH
Andreas Goernitz, Saxonar GmbH
Torsten Hölze, ATN GmbH
Lift Manager GmbH
Lausitz Elastic GmbH
dr Sascha Berger, Digades GmbH
Oskar Scholz, Moravian Stars GmbH
Matthias Schur, Baubetrieb Schur GmbH
Bürgel & Schulze Haustechnik GmbH
Siegmund Schulze, Bürgel & Schulze GmbH
Ulrich Dedeleit, Lausitz Elaste GmbH
Alexander Jakschik, ULT AG
Saxonar GmbH

With heart and hand in priceless land

15Grad-OstBlog - A journey through the priceless country

Day 1 - Up to the Listen
Day 4 - Moravian Stars
Day 7 – DWT tents, Niesky
Day 10 - Development Society
Day 13 – Ice hockey town Weißwasser
Day 2 - South East, Görlitz
Day 5 – Rosenhain production cooperative
Day 8 – Film Office Görlitz
Day 11 – Siemens energy, Görlitz
Day 14 – fit GmbH, Hirschfelde
Day 3 - Family business Kunze
Day 6 – ULT AG, Loebau
Day 9 – Erlichthof Rietschen
Day 12 - Adventure along the Neisse
Day 15 – Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences

Plants Nurturing Harvests

We in priceless land

Ringing, singing priceless land

Innovation, science and research

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