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Vocational orientation in the district of Görlitz

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IT experts in the unaffordable land

The Görlitz district offers an impressive variety of opportunities for IT specialists. Here you will come across innovative IT companies that design state-of-the-art working environments and groundbreaking projects. The working landscape allows flexibility: whether in the office, in the home office, surrounded by idyllic nature or in various locations around the world - IT experts can develop their talents anywhere.

The attractiveness of this location lies not only in the flourishing companies and the exciting innovation landscape, but also in the balance between professional success and quality of life. The Görlitz district not only offers outstanding professional prospects, but also a rich variety of leisure opportunities in an enchanting environment.

IT job offers


System Administrator (m/f/d): Manages and maintains computer systems, networks and servers to ensure their efficiency and security.
Job offers for system administrators:

Software developer (m/f/d): writes, tests and maintains applications and programs for various purposes and platforms.
Job offers for software developers:

Web developer (m/f/d): Designs, develops and maintains websites, focusing on usability, functionality and design.
Job offers for web developers

IT Support Specialist (m/f/d): Provides technical support, solves problems and fixes errors for users of computer systems and software.
Job offers for IT support specialists