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Vocational orientation in the district of Görlitz

Career prospects

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The district of Görlitz relies on the early professional orientation of the students. Instruments have been developed for this purpose that show young people professional perspectives in their home country and enable them to experience them. In close cooperation with the educational actors of the district, concepts of lifelong learning are also successfully implemented.

The SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT network facilitates the transition into the professional world for young people. The basis for this is the close cooperation between schools and companies in the district of Görlitz. Five working groups in Unpayableland facilitate local networking and thus also professional orientation in schools.


INSIDER start their careers

Young people in the district of Görlitz can become true INSIDERs when it comes to career orientation. All pupils should be able to find out for themselves which profession they can learn at home and whether it suits them. The INSIDERTREFF, the largest training fair east of Dresden, and the INSIDER training atlas are established instruments for this. The online INSIDER is the first address for career orientation in Upper Lusatia. Career tests for those who are undecided, internships and summer jobs for people who want to try things out, companies and institutions for training, studies or a volunteer year - all of this can be found on this platform.


job safari

Check jobs alongside professionals

school and then? Pupils are often not sure whether the profession they are interested in really suits them. The Check the Job mentoring program offers the opportunity to try things out and ask questions under the individual supervision of experienced coaches. Pupils from the 10th grade can gain insights into various MINT professions and their working world on a job safari. In different modules, you can get to know a wide range of work areas under the guidance of experts and, of course, also take part yourself. Job safaris are offered, for example, in IT and technology companies and in research institutions in Görlitz and Zittau.


Open Business Week

Within a week in March, young people from class 7 and up can get to know companies from all over Saxony from the inside.  On site, they can talk to trainees, trainers and employees, try out practical things and maybe even ask the management themselves what is important for a successful application. Training companies in the district of Görlitz actively participate in SCHAU REIN!


come on tour

"Come on tour - my strengths, my future"

"komm auf Tour" provides experience- and action-oriented impulses to support schoolchildren early on and in a gender-sensitive manner in their professional orientation and life planning. It is aimed primarily at seventh and eighth graders of all school types.

The young people discover their strengths, receive orientation aids for internships and find out which realizable professional opportunities could be waiting for them. Topics from private life are integrated according to age. Parents, teachers, the public and companies can be involved in accompanying events.



discover talents.
nurture talent. Make career orientation practical. In the SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT network, representatives from schools and companies work together across schools and sectors and are committed to the common goal of facilitating the transition into the professional world for young people and securing the next generation of trainees and future specialists for the economy. 27 school representatives work together with 69 companies in five working groups.


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