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Hotel Stadt Löbau

An absolutely round thing with corners and edges

“I am a thoroughbred hotelier,” says Sascha Ehlert.
And you probably have to be that way if you take over a hotel and restaurant in Löbau on April 27, 2020 in the middle of the Corona crisis. After numerous professional positions abroad, the Hesse native has worked as a hotel director in Berlin, on the Mecklenburg Lake District and in the Spreewald since 2011. In spring 2020, he took over the Hotel Stadt Löbau, the only remaining hotel in the Löbau urban area. Since then a lot has happened. For example, motivated staff have succeeded in enhancing the traditional charm of the hotel with sustainable hospitality. But how did the employees manage this - and aren't there some rough edges? When guests check in or come into the restaurant, they feel good. They instinctively feel that they are wholeheartedly welcomed. The employees welcome you with a smile and enjoy their work. Each of them is a passionate host and is very familiar with all areas of the hotel industry. This starts with the reception, continues in the restaurant and sometimes even ends with room cleaning.

There is no question that problems arise from time to time.
After all, people with different skills, wishes and ideas work in the hotel. The boss knows that. He adapts to each of them. He enjoys working with characters who question things critically and discuss things as a team. His standard saying “Better a square something than a round nothing” has been confirmed. The best solutions often come from angular structures. They ensure that the hotel remains a round thing in the eyes of visitors despite the corners. Staying true to its principles , Sascha Ehlert mainly hires people who fit into the team. When asked what qualifications they should have, he answers diplomatically. He thinks that all circumstances and conditions must be acceptable for both partners. From his vantage point, he naturally looks up professional skills. What is more important to him, however, is that the applicants show genuine interest and contribute their whole energies. On the other hand, his staff can expect fair pay as well as balanced and regulated working hours. The principle always applies: “Where there is a will is also a way".


Despite all the concessions, the hotel industry generally faces the problem of getting young people interested in working. They often lack the willingness to accept unattractive working hours and stress. Nevertheless, Sascha Ehlert wants to encourage people to choose a career in the hospitality industry. He welcomes trainees at any time. Just last year, two kitchen trainees successfully completed their apprenticeships at the Hotel Stadt Löbau. One of them was even taken over. How long colleagues will stay in the house is, of course, anyone's guess. It is not uncommon in the industry for some people to want to change after a few years. The hotel manager doesn't hold this against anyone. Maybe one or the other will go abroad and come back with new know-how - who knows!?

There can only be satisfied guests if they are looked after by people who enjoy their work. Nobody other than the boss knows this better. It's not just the beautifully furnished rooms or the ambience of the restaurant that make the hotel what it is today. First and foremost, it is the employees who breathe life into it.

They stand at the reception, prepare the food, serve at the table and clean the rooms. The visitors immediately notice whether they do this with love or with frustration. And since most of them like to come here, the team at Hotel Stadt Löbau has obviously done everything right.