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Vocational orientation in the district of Görlitz

Quality of life for connoisseurs

Gastronomy in the Unaffordable Land

Gastronomy plays a crucial role in the quality of life of people in the unaffordable country.
It is not only a place to enjoy delicious dishes, but also a social meeting place that enables encounters and promotes community. Our restaurateurs are passionate about offering your guests an unforgettable culinary experience. In many restaurants it is a given that regional products are served on the guest's plate. They form the basis for delicious dishes and contribute to sustainability in the catering industry. Dedicated professionals who want to enrich our restaurants and hotels with experience, specialist knowledge and friendliness are always welcome. Here you will find a small overview of the typical jobs in the hospitality industry that can be found here in Unzahlbarland. The links take you directly to specific offers that are listed at the Bautzen Employment Agency and in the regional job portal Jobs-Oberlausitz.


Job offers in the hospitality industry


Restaurant specialists look after guests, take orders, serve food and drinks and ensure a pleasant atmosphere. Through professional service quality and personal attention, they are extremely important for guest satisfaction.

Job offers for restaurant specialists (m/f/d)

The chef creates, cooks and presents dishes, plans menus and coordinates kitchen processes. It is crucial for the culinary experience and the quality of the dishes.

Job offers for chefs (m/f/d)

Hotel industry

The hotel manager takes care of guest reception, bookings, service and coordination of processes in hotel operations. She is largely responsible for a smooth stay and the well-being of the guests.

Job offers for hotel specialists (m/f/d)



Hospitality industry in the unaffordable country

Eating and drinking keeps body and soul together. We can fully agree with this popular wisdom. Our restaurateurs and operators of hotels, guesthouses and holiday apartments ensure that the residents of the Unaffordable Land and their guests feel comfortable here. Here you can find some portraits, examples of the many makers and employees in the hospitality industry in the Görlitz district and in Upper Lusatia.