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Strong middle class

“Upper Lusatia has developed enormously.
But no big industry has gone here, it is the middle class that has fought its way up here. There are many family businesses where the family puts their heart and soul into it and where you know every single employee. Certainly not a stock corporation from afar.” Torsten Hölzel, commercial director of ATN Hölzel GmbH

How do we support new employees?

We see our support for new employees in different forms. Based on the position held in the company, there are fixed induction plans and a contact person, which make it easier to settle into the company. In addition, there are specialist training courses that take place both internally and externally. Feedback talks at defined intervals help new employees to reflect on the integration process in the company.

We see our support not only in the technical area. We also help new employees to settle down here in our region as needed. In the case of employees from abroad, this can relate to overcoming legal hurdles and requirements, but also to issues of finding an apartment or childcare. Needs can be discussed here in a personal conversation.

Is there a trial work option?

Yes, the possibility is possible in different forms, although not in all areas. Starting with career orientation, for which we offer various forms of internships through to holiday work, this is also possible in most departments. This is always voted on individually.

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ATN Hölzel GmbH

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