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SKAN Germany GmbH

Good growing conditions

“From our point of view, the region offers good framework conditions for development.
SKAN started in Hagenwerder in 2013 with nine employees. More than 220 employees now work at the site. In addition to the production-related tasks, we have also taken on responsibility in project management, in design and in research and development.” SKAN Deutschland GmbH

How do we support new employees?

Every new employee receives an induction plan and a colleague as a mentor. If necessary, new employees receive special training at the SKAN Academy, eg for commissioning technicians and project managers  

Is there a trial work option?

Trial work is offered especially in the production areas (duration: 1-2 days). The applicant gets to know his working environment and the work content. Twice a year there are special applicant days to get to know each other

SKAN Germany GmbH

Contact details for SKAN Germany GmbH

SKAN Deutschland GmbH
Nickrischer Strasse 2
02827  Görlitz/Hagenwerder 
Tel.: +49 358223 9900 0




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