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Saxonar GmbH

Attract skilled workers in the region

“We have good conditions in the region. There is good scientific potential with the Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences. Some of our employees come from there. I think that despite the current skilled worker situation, it is possible to set up a company here and keep it successful.”

Andreas Görnitz, Managing Director of SAXONAR GmbH

How do we support new employees?
New employees go through a multi-stage induction plan, which can usually last up to six months.

Is there a trial work option?

In principle, probationary work is possible with us, but has only been practiced once in all these years.

Contact details:

Hauptstraße 54, 02906 Waldhufen
035827 18330


Saxonar GmbH

Andreas Goernitz, Managing Director


Sven Mimus

phone number

+49 (0) 3581 32901 0