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preserve traditions

“The people who live here are tradition-conscious.
The great, old culture of the Six Cities Association means that the people here stick together and help each other. That is a good basis for making progress in the company.” Oskar Scholz, Managing Director of Herrnhuter Sterne GmbH

How do we support new employees?
Depending on the respective work area in the company, a new employee receives a correspondingly extensive induction. An experienced colleague carries out the induction and is available as a specific contact person during this time.

Is there a trial work option?
In principle, there is the possibility of trial work. As part of the job interview, there is usually a tour of the potential work area, so that in recent years the opportunity for trial work has not been used.

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Oderwitzer Strasse 8, 02747 Herrnhut
+49 35873 36435

Moravian Stars Ltd

Oskar Scholz, Managing Director


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