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" Our district offers a lot of potential and opportunities. We just have to recognize them and seize them. You have to be aware that we organize our life and our economy in a structurally weak region. If you take this into account in your planning, you can achieve a lot."
Roland Jäkel, Managing Director of Lift-Manager GmbH

How do we support our workers?
We attach great importance to a core workforce. Our corporate philosophy is designed accordingly. Among other things, we focus on people (employees) and the workplace should be more than just a place where you earn your money. The workplace should also be a spiritual home.

Is there a trial work option?
If an applicant would like to do a trial work in order to get to know our interesting area of ​​responsibility, we will of course set up a trial work period.

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Schulstraße 20, 02906 Jänkendorf
+49 3588 2546-0


Lift Manager GmbH

Roland Jaekel, Managing Director


Sven Mimus

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