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Siegfried Schur Baubetrieb GmbH

Craft has golden soil

"It fills me with pride when I walk through the towns and communities of East Saxony.
We have left our mark everywhere. That alone is reason enough to choose a career in the building trade. We dedicate a large part of our work to the historical facades in Dresden. Through consistent training and investment in our permanent staff, we can meet the high standards of our performance.” Matthias Schur, Managing Director

How do we support our workers?
We immediately give new employees a permanent employment contract, a basic set of work equipment and work safety equipment or work clothing. These include, but are not limited to, t-shirts, pants, jackets. In short, "He could also come with swimming trunks" only he has to "want to". Then there is 2-3 weeks of training. In the induction phase, speed is not taken into account. Colleagues point out opportunities for improvement, pay attention to quality and show the entire construction process. Then a 5 month probationary period. If there are financial problems from the past in the first few weeks, we will provide you with very uncomplicated support.

Is there a trial work option?
Tryouts are always possible. For students, we offer student internships and well-paid holiday work. One or the other earned his driver's license with us in 4 weeks of holiday work.

Contact details: Rietschener Str.14b (Kringelsdorf), 02943 Boxberg
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Siegfried Schur Baubetrieb GmbH

Matthew Schur, Managing Director


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