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Bürgel & Schulze Haustechnik GmbH

use border position

“The economic potential is no better or worse than in other regions of Saxony.
We hope that our economic development can go beyond the borders in the future." Siegmund Schulze, Managing Director Bürgel & Schulze Haustechnik GmbH

How do we support new employees?
New employees are assigned an experienced foreman for the first time. If there are gaps in knowledge in certain areas of activity, we offer training.

Is there a trial work option?
A job interview cannot replace practical experience. We therefore offer trial work so that both sides can get to know each other better and can ensure that the new employees also feel comfortable with us.

 Contact details:
Oldenburger Ring 4, 02829 Markersdorf


Bürgel & Schulze Haustechnik GmbH GmbH

Siegmund Schulze, Managing Director


Sven Mimus

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+49 (0) 3581 32901 0